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The Tide is Changing Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice supports practitioners and others interested in Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement, Project Management and Change Management.

Number of people: 80

Calendar: Second Friday of every month

Agenda for coming meetings: Big Picture for Project Management (June 2024)

Alabama Productivity Center and Continuous Improvement (July 2024)

Improve Less, The Focus and Align Framework for Sustainable Continuous Improvement (August 2024)

Strategies to Improve Self-Awareness and Collaboration (Sep 2024)

Past agenda topics:

  • Miro overview demo – Online collaborative whiteboarding platform.
  • Introduction to Robotics Process Automation (RPA).
  • Office 365 as a collaboration tool, including Teams, OneDrive, Planner & Lists.
  • Agility webpage overview + Building a psychologically safe workplace video by Amy Edmondson.
  • Cooperation Ted Talk video (How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done by Yves Moriex) and reflections.
  • Jira implementation at University Libraries for their strategic planning.
  • Business Analytics – Why data is important?
  • Problem Solving.
  • Change Management.
  • Brainstorming Strategies – Learn some new techniques to energize your brainstorming sessions.
    • OTIDE Continuous Improvement Projects.


    • Keeping your Eye on the Prize: How to get your most important work done.
    • Process Automation.
    • O365 Productivity Tools.
    • NCCI (Network for Change and Continuous Innovation) Membership and Outreach Committee.
    • Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills with Brain Science.
    • Trello Overview – visual way for teams to collaborate on projects.
    • NCCI (Network for Change and Continuous Innovation) 2023 Conference Take Aways.
    • Agility at Work with Melinda Wallace (FOSAS – FO Shared Administrative Services).
    • The Art of Data Storytelling.
    • Write Smarter, Not Harder, with Smart Brevity.


    • Office for Innovation & Commercialization.
    • Successful Conflict Conversations.
    • Compliance and Risk Management Agility Update.
    • The Spirit of Continuous Improvement at UAB Operations for Facilities Administration and Environmental Health & Safety Departments and Projects.

    Notes: If you are interested in participating in our Community of Practice, contact us to or